Jord BioScience winner Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award

24 mei 2024

At the closing of the 9th F&A Next summit, Jord BioScience was crowned winner of the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award 2024, which includes a €25,000 grant prize. This prestigious award recognizes Jord BioScience’s innovative microbial technologies enhancing crop productivity. According to the jury, the company stood out for its potential significant impact in the agri-food system and the benefits for its customers. Jord BioScience was one of ten startups selected by F&A Next to pitch their solutions to a global audience of top agrifood investors and corporates. Recognized as one of the ‘Next Heroes in Food & Agtech,’ they automatically entered the Feike Sijbesma Sustainable Innovation Award 2024 (FSSIA) competition. Named after the former DSM CEO and empowered by the DSM Brighter Living Foundation, the award promotes science-based solutions from innovative startups, providing prize money to accelerate their growth and impact. | Bronvermelding: | Redacteur: Bram van Beek

2024 - Jord Bioscience winnaar sustainable innovation award

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