1st International Pleasure Conference ‘Salt-Sugar-Lipids Reduction’ France

20-02-2014 \\ Innofood nieuws

On behalf of the PLEASURE Project Consortium we are pleased to invite you to the:
18-19 June, 2014 – La Rochelle, France
PLEASURE is a research project with a unique approach, as it is the first attempt of reducing salt, sugar and lipids in food products, from the processing side, while keeping the sensorial properties. The development of innovative processes will enable to optimize the sensorial perception. The research will lead to novel technologies for the production of several products: pizza and puffing pastry dough, mozzarella-style cheese, Bologna type sausage, cooked ham and dried cured sausage and fruit/vegetables preparations. In the second step, the concepts used for the mono-food systems will be incorporated into several Ready-to-Eat (RTE) meals.

This conference will allow professionals of food science and technology to present and exchange results and thus promote future collaboration between researchers, technologists and industry representatives.

Considering a first order agro-food industrial surrounding (around 70% of the agri-food production of France shared between regions “Pays de la Loire” and “Bretagne”), and in association with the Région “Poitou-Charentes”, famous for its fishing industry, its agriculture and its wine industry (Cognac), you cannot miss this meeting and the historic city of La Rochelle to showcase your research and business innovations through this gathering.

The conference will be coupled with the “Health & Food days” (www.aliments-sante.fr) organized by the cluster « CRITT Agro-Alimentaire » of La Rochelle, which should gather over 800 delegates, mostly from the French and European industry. A unique opportunity to promote your expertise!

The conference will be complemented by a young scientist poster competition. The posters have to focus on the own scientific work of the candidate and be in line with the conference topics.
The conference includes four main sessions:
·         Session 1: Salt reduction
    • When less means more – PLEASURE approach for developing “reduced-in” food – Matthias Kueck, Pleasure Coordinator, Biozoon – Germany
    • Introduction to TeRiFiQ – Christian SALLES, TeRiFiQ Coordinator, INRA, – France
    • Review: In vitro and in vivo assessment of tastant perception, Prof. Carole Prost, ONIRIS – France
    • Proteinases of Lactobacillus helveticus and their distinct capability to hydrolyse αs1 and β-caseins at different NaCl concentrations – Valérie GAGNAIRE (INRA, France)
    • Salt reduction in meat products by a combined approach of high pressure processing and salt replacing ions, Stefan Topfl , DIL-Germany
    • Improving the functional and sensory characteristics of reduced-salt, reduced-fat Mozzarella cheese through controlled calcium-induced cross linking of casein, Prof. Tim Guinee, TEAGASC – Ireland
    • Composition and sensory quality of salt-reduced experimental and commercial soft and semi-hard cheeses – Jean-René KERJEAN, Actalia Dairy Products – France
    • CRISALT project; bench marking of 25 salts from different origin & implementation in Brioche and crackers, Ass. Prof. Clement CATANEO, ONIRIS – France
    • Over view on salt replacers in Ireland and Europe in General, Prof. Elke Arendt ,University College Cork-Ireland
    • Open presentations for industry or academia (topic SALT)  
·         Session 2: Lipids reduction
    • Salt and fat reduction in puff pastry, Christoph Silow, University College Cork – Ireland
    • Design of multiple emulsions to reduce fat in sauces and ready prepared foods – Peter WILDE, Institute of Food Research – United Kingdom
    • Reducing fat and keeping texture for emulsions and sauces by using high pressure homogenization, Juan Carlos Arboleya, AZTI – Spain
    • Open presentations for industry or academia (topic LIPIDS)  
·         Session 3: Assembled products strategies
    • Open presentations for industry or academia (topic complex food systems)
·         Session 4: Sugar reduction
    • PLEASURE approach using micro domains and amyloglucosidase , PhD. Guenaelle LERAY, ONIRIS – France
      New biotechnological processes for sugar reduction in fruit and vegetable products , Anna Knaeulein, HSWT – Germany
    • Open presentations for industry or academia (topic sugar)
More details and the up-dated program can be checked at: www.pleasure-fp7.com/conference